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Pittsburgh Community Library
Hawthorne House

Location: Kingston, Ontario

Size: 2,500 sq ft restored house, 5,000 sq ft addition

Client: Kingston Frontenac Public Library

Renovation of historic Hawthorn House (1866) and an addition compatible with the historic architecture. The project included restoring the original house, restoring and rebuilding the kitchen wing and constructing an addition to the west to replace a series of later additions. To eliminate the requirement for tree removal and to use the existing excavations within the bedrock, the addition was placed in a similar orientation to previous additions.

The Kitchen Wing is used as the Technology Area. A small attic space was removed to provide a larger volume bridging between the addition and the original house.

The magnificent rooms of the Hawthorne House have been restored as Reading, Local History, Study and Meeting Rooms. The exterior stone walls and the original wood windows have been repaired and restored. On the interior missing sections of mouldings, doors and balustrades have been reproduced to original sizes and profiles. The addition houses the main library collection. It is treated as a single large volume with a simple pitched roof. Specialized parts of the collection are located in Bays and Porches around the perimeter of the main room.

Ontario Library Association Design Award
Heritage Kingston Award


Photos by Roger Pensom