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Restoration Projects

Cornwall Public Library

Location: Cornwall, Ontario

Size: 70,000 sq ft

Client: Cornwall Public Library

The project included $1.1M in exterior restoration. This consisted of extensive stone restoration and replacement, as well as window and roof restoration. Steel anchors for the stone cladding had corroded and had caused damage in certain areas. The building had been juidged to be beyond repair and it was believed that all anchors needed replacement. SZA carried out a full survey of all of the anchors to clarify where repairs were required. While extreme repairs were required the scope identified allowed the building to be repared for reuse.

A 1930's curtain wall system was also repaired and retained. Work included fabrication of curtain caps to the marginal profile.

The work also included restoration of the marble clad partial lobby including sourcing marble for reapairs to the walls, service, and stamp centers. The lobby was adapted for use as the Library Lounge.

Ontario Library Association, Library Design Awards, 1999


Photos by Steven Evans