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Library Projects

Markham Village Library

Markham, Ontario

20,000 sq ft existing + 17,000 sq ft addition

City of Markham

The project includes an expansion to the district library as well as much needed renovations and functional improvements to the existing library and a Master Plan for the adjacent Civic Square. A key project challenge was to redevelop the library to deliver library services in line with current thinking while integrating with the adjacent Village Green.

The Library’s customer points are small, mobile and height adjustable. The Ground Floor browsing, media, and new material area features a combination of mobile display units and over 120 feet of power wall. The Living Room and gathering area on the Second Floor includes a fireplace, cappuccino serving area and mobile furniture to facilitate gatherings and events.

The library incoporates many Sustainable Design features including a high efficiency HVAC system with heat recovery and a lighting system controlled by daylight sensors.


Photos by Ben Rhan