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Accessibility Projects


Our approach on all of our projects is to provide universal full accessibility. We have used the City of London Standards, the City of Kingston and the Ontario Draft Accessible Build Environment Standard as the basis for our work. We firmly believe that fully accessible buildings benefit everyone.


We are committed to providing the highest standard of Accessibility by Design on all of our projects. The following are examples of some projects with a focus on accessibility.

CALVIN PARK | New construction
• KINGSTON CITY HALL | New washroom/change facilities
• MCARTHUR HALL | Enabling Accessibility Fund Application


• SZA continues to draw on the lessons learned from each project and uses this data to find solutions that best suit the needs of current and future projects.
• We carry out ongoing dialogue with leading advocates and experts in the field
• Our key staff take part in training and information sessions as they are available
• We carry out independent research in accessibility issues and innovative solutions

Calvin Park Library | Fully accessible entrance | Photo by Ben Rahn